In 1945 architecture office Van Asbeck was founded by Baron van Asbeck.

During the first years many commissions came from the reformed churches.
Many churches heavily damaged during the war had to be restored. Besides the former there was also a demand for new church designs, the 'Paaskerk' in Amstelveen being one of them.
There followed a period in which many churches, houses, schools and other designs by Van Asbeck were realized.

In 1955 Van Asbeck received the commission for the restoration of 'Raadhuis Sparrendaal' in Driebergen and a year later the restoration for the 'Sociëteitsgebouw' in Tiel followed. Many restorations ensued, 'Kasteel Eerde' in Ommen, 'Slot Zuylen' in Maarsen, 'Slot Zeist' and the restoration of the fire destroyed wing of the adjacent buildings of the 'Evangelische Broedergemeente'.
There were many commissions for the reconstruction of heavily damaged or lost buildings.
Some examples of this are the 'Waterpoort' in Tiel where a yellowed photograph was the only available historical information, the extension of 'Boom en Bosch' in Breukelen where an old pen drawing was the starting point and the reconstruction of a small block of monumental houses in Amerongen.

In 19070 architect Royaards was killed in a car accident. Van Asbeck was asked to take over Royaards' commission for the restoration of 'Paleis Het Loo' in Apeldoorn.
In 1982 'H.K.H. Prinses Christina' requested Van Asbeck to design 'landhuis Eikenhorst' for estate 'De Horsten' in Wassenaar.
In 1990 Baron van Asbeck handed over responsibility to Freek de Koning and Bert van Cappelle,– at the time both had been working for the office for more than 25 years. Baron van Asbeck wanted to stay involved in the projects although remaining in the background. A period of more then 25 years of exchanging and spreading knowledge concerning building styles, restoration, design and advice was continued. 'Van Asbeck Bouw en Restauratie Consultants B.V.' was born.

In 1999 Baron van Asbeck retired at the age of 88, leaving Freek de Koning in charge.
Today the office is still going strong and turning out beautiful projects.